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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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difficulties. One, perhaps, is nervous and irritable
or prone to jealousy, or is greedy for money, or some
of these things that are mentioned here. You can
find out along what line your particular astral body
wants to run riot, then quietly set yourself to
check it.

Suppose it is irritability—that is a very common
thing under the horrible conditions of noise under
which we live. Well, you may make up your mind
that you will not be irritable. You will perhaps
meditate on the subject; that is a very good thing
to do. Take irritability as a subject for your medita-
tion, but do not set to work to combat irritability;

set yourself to meditate upon patience. Never think
of the evil thing and of fighting against it, because
you stir it up the more. If, instead of that, you
think of the opposite and concentrate all your force
on that, you will do very much more good. A very
good example of the way that works is if you are
thinking about someone who is irritable, in order to
help that person to cure it. If you were thinking
of him as irritable, every thought of yours intensifies
his irritability. But if, instead of thinking of his
irritability and what a pity it is, you think," I should
like him to be calm and patient," then all the strength
of your thought goes in the direction of making- him
so.  That is true of yourself too. Instead of paying
attention to your irritability, you go to work and
meditate on patience.  You will meet the most