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SEVENTH TALK             129

irritating person you know. At first you will probably
be irritable, because you are in the habit of it; but
afterwards you-will remember, (< I did not mean to
do that." At least that is something if you have
remembered afterwards. Perhaps the next time, or
the twentieth time, you will remember at the moment
instead of just afterwards, and you will check your-
self and not be irritable that time.   Perhaps the
third time or in the third stage, at any rate, you
will remember just before you are going to say some-
thing irritable.   Then you have the feeling of
irritability, but you will not show it. That is a very
distinct advance.  The next step is that you will
not even feel the irritability at all. Then it is con-
quered and you will have no trouble in this or other
lives to come.

Meditate on the opposite.  I know many people
who have set themselves to do that. But they keep
it up for three weeks or so, and then say, <( I will not
meditate along these lines any longer, I am getting no
results." That is about as sensible as if you were to
set out on a three days' journey to the interior, and
after about three hours you were to sit down and say:

i{ Oh, it is no good, I am not making any progress, I
am not getting anywhere." You are on the way, you

It is exactly the same with the business of
meditation, though remember that in this world
scientific rules act all the time and that every force