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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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you are putting in must produce results whether
you see them or not.   If you do not see the
result it is not because there is none. You do not
see it because there is something more than you know
to overcome, and your force is going into that to
overcome it.  It is inevitable, it is scientifically
necessary that your efforts must produce results.
They are doing it. Go on steadily, do not mind.
Do not thin'k even about the question of results, just
direct your thoughts to the patience, or whatever it
is, you are going to develop. In the meantime no
harm has been done.

What is wanted evidently, here, is that you should
have no feelings at all in the sense of feelings that
can be hurt or offended. Feelings in the sense of
sympathy, of love, you may and must have to the
uttermost; but you must simply be pachydermatous.
It must be impossible to offend you, it must be
impossible to hurt your feelings. You would say that
means (< be a callous kind of person". Not at all. It
means, rather, a very wise person. It may be there are
some so thick-headed that they cannot see an insult.
To be able to see it an8 yet to be wise enough to take
no notice of it, surely that is the better way. Not
only that, but you must try to reach a stage where
you do not feel hurt. People say nasty things about
you. Well, never mind, people have been saying
nasty things about other people ever since the world
began, and until we are all well on the way to