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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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you yourself must have no feelings that can be

People are often rude, and why ?°So often not with
you at all; but something else has happened to them
previously, something has gone wrong, and the result
is that they feel all out of tune. You are the
next person who speaks to them; they snap your
head off. They are not really angry about you.
You must learn to make allowances for other people.
Say to yourself: ft Poor fellow, I suppose he cannot
always feel as perfectly amiable and agreeable as I
always am/' and do not allow yourself to feel hurt.
Probably that person afterwards is rather sorry he
spoke a little rudely, or does not even realise that
anything out of the common has been said. You
know any feelings of being offended or being hurt
must spring from a thought of self. If you were not
thinking of yourself you could not feel hurt or offend-
ed. There must be a thought of self in it, and that is
piecisely what you must weed out and put away.
Wherever you get a cause of jealousy, w-hat is that
but a thought of self? If you were thinking only
about how much you loved the other person, it would
not matter to you how much that person loved some-
one else. This delusion of the separated self is at
the back of nearly all our troubles. All selfishness
springs from that. Remember it was a necessity at
one time.^ The selfish man is an anachronism, he is
btill carrying on what was very useful and necessary