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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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SEVENTH TALK            l33

for him twenty thousand years ago.  It is not useful
and necessary for him now; he is simply behind the

Our business is to be up to date. We are living
for and thinking of the future that is coming, the
future that the Great World Teacher will make for
us ; and because we are living for the future we must
brush away all these antiquated ideas. Selfishness
belongs to the Fourth Root Race, the old Atlantean
times.   Now self-sacrifice, not selfishness, is the
ideal. The object of the Root Race is the ideal that
is set in front of it. We must keep up to date.

Another thing, by the way, is perhaps worth
mentioning to those of you who are, or have perhaps
been, Christians; do not be carried away by delu-
sions about remorse and repentance. Remember the
story of Lot's wife and do not look back, which is a
very profitless occupation. You may say when you
have made some bad mistakes: "Well that is a
foolish thing to do, I will never do that again."
Remember Talleyrand said : ct Any man may make a
mistake, we all make mistakes; but the man who
makes the same mistake twice is a fool." A Master
once said: t1 The only repentance which is worth
anything is the resolve not to do it again." The idea
of remorse, of repenting of your sin, is a delusion.
It is a waste of time and energy ; do not, therefore,
let yourself be carried away by it. Let the dead
past bury its dead. Put it behind you and go on