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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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or jealous. Do you not see that the very fact that this
thing is changing its moods all the time ought to
help you to realise that it is not you ? Your moods
are not changing.  You, as a soul, an ego, wish
always the same thing : you wish your advancement,
you wish to be able to help others, you wish to walk
along the path intended, marked out for you by our
Masters.  Surely it is clear, then, that the astral
body is not the self. That, I should think, ought to
help you very much in your resolutions, that this is
not the self. You can only try, you can only test it
in practice. I sometimes think that perhaps we do
not quite remember all that is expected of us in such
respects as these. We can be very loving and very
kindly to those who are loving and kindly to us.
Remember what Christ once said: st If ye love them
which love you what reward have ye ? Do not even
the publicans the same ? "  That is what everybody
does. They all reciprocate love and kindly feeling.
But if we wish to show that we have made any real
progress, then we must pour out love when we meet
with lack of love. He said: " Love your enemies, . . .
and pray for them which despitefully use you." That is
the time when a disciple of the Master can show himself
at his true value, when he can do what the Master
would do, when, although people speak ill of him,
although they ill-treat him, he still thinks of them
kindly and lovingly, and makes excuses and allow-
ances for their foolishness. That is a thing that we