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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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some of us for many years, devoting ourselves
especially to the study of Theosophy. We have
been making it a point to try to, control and to
train our thoughts, and to turn them on the whole
to higher things and not to lower; and yet,
although that is so, we have only to consider our own
thoughts for any given hour, or if we can remem-
ber them, for any given day, to see how small a pro-
portion of them are worthy to be attributed to us, to
the self, and how many of them belong merely to the
lower mind. The lower flies from this thing to that.
It flits over the surface of a vast variety of subjects,
and usually deals exhaustively with none. It is not its
desire as a rule to deal exhaustively with anything, but
simply to pass from subject to subject, to get constant
change of vibrations. You will find, if you can look
back over even quite a short space of time, that you
have thought during that time of a great number of
quite insignificant things. I do not mean the time you
are especially devoting to meditation, but the time in
which you are not thinking of anything in particular,
when you are walking along the street, for instance.
You will find that though you are not thinking, there
is something that is—something which is thinking all
the time. That something is the mental body. If you
do not hold it in control, if you let it go on thinking, it
will pass over a vast number of useless things, useless
to you; I do not mean bad things in any way. Of
course, it is true that, in the case of many ordinary