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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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EIGHTH TALK              l4l

people, their thoughts would be quite self-centred
and even selfish. That is bad, but I hope that would <
not be the cas$s with us. What you will find is that
you have thought more or less vaguely about a number
of things that are of no use to you or to anybody
else. That ought not to be so.

You may think to yourselves, " It is very hard that
one should have every moment to keep check upon
what the mind is doing." I know it is very hard to
do, but nevertheless it ought to be done for this
reason ; namely, that this mind is a mighty power, it
is by far the strongest thing you have about you. If
the will can be directed through the mental body^
there are very few things you cannot do by that
means. It is an enormous power and even though
you should have no evil thought whatever, yet if you
spend your hours or your days in these vague, casualy
and useless thoughts, you are at least doing some-
thing that you should not,—you are wasting very
large opportunities of being of use, very large op-
portunities of making yourself more fit to be valuable
instruments in the hand of your Master. The idea
that we should always be on the stretchy as it were,
that, our minds should always be turned to the higher
things, strikes many people, I know, as a very hard
requirement—as practically an impossibility. The
truth is it is not so at all; like everything else it is a
matter of habit. At present your. minds have a
tendency to fly off after all sorts of unimportant