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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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things. If you can set up the habit of making a
background of thought about our Masters, as I hope
many of you have done, then that al§o will become a
habit, and whenever you have nothing immediately
pressing which demands attention, your mind will
fall back on that. So long as that is so, not only
can no harm come to you, but good must come
of your thought. Only remember that, even then,
the thought should be as precise as possible and
not merely vague. There are members among us
whose thought of the Masters is a kind of vague
beatitude. They think of the Master and they pass
into a sort of state of semi-ecstasy—a kind of religious
coma as it were—in which they are not really actively
thinking of anything. They think a vague floating
thought of our Masters and they are, as it were,
bathing themselves in that, and that is good. That
is an enormous advance on all ordinary types of
thoughts, and yet you might do better even than that.
Instead of vaguely bathing yourselves in a thought
which has no precision about it, you might let your
intense devotion to your Master take the form of
thinking,c< What can I do for Him now, what can I do
for Him at this moment, that He would like me to
do ? " It need not be a physical action, it may be nothing
more than an act of simple thought—ft What help can
I give to someone by my thought ?" If you are doing
that with your thought, you are working for the
Master as well as thinking of Him ; and I can assure