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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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EIGHTH TALK             l43

you that it is that kind of thought, that kind of
devotion towards Him, which He most appreciates.
So be continually thinking : ^ What can I do to serve
Him, in what direction can I employ my thought
power ? " It is a very mighty thing. If to you it is
not yet so, then it should be. You should train the
faculty, you should use it. You will very soon find
its stupendous power. We do not know the limits of
its power; it is very difficult to settle ; but at least
here is a great force which we all possess—rich and
poor, old and young alike—we can think. The more
definitely and the more lovingly we can think, the
more definite work are we doing. It may not always
show itself, it may not even show itself on the physical
plane, but do not imagine that it is therefore any the
less real work for Him. The affectionate thought you
send out to try to help someone whom you know to be
in need of help is a lever far greater than if you had
given that person a sum of money. It may produce
a life-long effect upon him, and you would find that
difficult to do with your money. So many things you
can do with thought which you cannot do otherwise.

You will find, again and again, in this book the
strongest insistence upon the fact that there is really
only one thought—only one will, only one work for us.
You must not let yourselves think that because of that
there is any monotony. No, the one thought is the
thought of which I have spoken to you, the thought
of service to the Master; the one will is to do that