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his pupils: u Add to your faith knowledge." So
that was the second stage. Through that stage it
took them many, many years to pas^, and only after
they had fully gained that illumination were they
allowed to pass into the third stage of Initiation.
S. Paul said : (t We speak wisdom among those that
are perfect." In every Occult School there are things
which can only be spoken to those of the higher
degrees, others which can only be spoken to those
who are pupils of the Masters. So, in early Christ-
ianity there were those three terms.

Do not, then, make the mistake that modern
Christianity has made, and think that it is enough to
be good and nothing else matters. You know very
weH that many good people, just because they were
ignorant, have done a vast amount of harm in the
world. We must not add to that disastrous number.
On the contrary, we must try to add to our faith
knowledge. We must endeavour to cultivate our men-
tal bodies. Do not make the mistake of thinking that
you can afford to ignore them. You must develop them
—you must make them keen, active, useful. But why ?
Well, why does a carpenter sharpen his plane ? Not
in order that he may have a sharper plane than some
other carpenter, but in order that it may cut the
wood well, in order that his work may be well done,
It is precisely for that reason that you must sharpen
your instrument, train your mental body. You need
it. We all need it badly. Train it with that thought