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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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thing, this mental body—it is perpetually working,
working—and if it does not get at you in one way,
it will try to get at you in another way. Do not blame
this elemental of yours—that is what it is—it has no
idea of you, but it is simply seeking its own evolution
and trying to get the variety, the kinds of vibrations
which it needs for its own evolution.
He says:

When you meditate, it will try to make you think of
the many different things which it wants instead of the one
thing which you want.

You see, He takes for granted the unity of purpose,
He does not argue, He takes it for granted.

You are not this mind, but it is yours to use; so here
again discrimination is necessary. You must watch unceas-
ingly, or you will fail.

That is very true. You need unceasingly to watch
your emotions, but after a time you dominate those
emotions so that your astral body will not allow itself
any feelings but such as those you approve. But the
mind is a more difficult proposition unquestionably to
subdue ; it is so active and so insinuating. It has the
habit of association of ideas. Your most beautiful,
your grandest, idea he will twist by association
to carry you away to something quite different,
quite trivial.   It gives him  a new" set of
vibrations which is the only thing he is seeking.
You must  watch him unceasingly, otherwise
you will fail; and even if you do watch unceasingly,