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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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subjects. Now I do not say that there is not often
some ground of reason behind a popular prejudice.
There very often is, if you dig deep down into it, not
probably the reason the people are alleging at all, but
some other reason; but there is very often a frag-
ment of truth in these popular ideas. But also often
we must admit that they are entirely unreasonable,
and therefore we cannot take them into account, or
allow them to influence us, so far as right and wrong
go. If other people have their prejudices, as you can
see they have—plenty of them—remember that you
are liable to have your prejudices and your whims
too ; and never make the mistake of identifying your
personal whims and prejudices with the right. That
is a thing which it is often difficult to avoid doing.
You have been brought along some particular line,.
and it has never occurred to you to question it. You
are likely to think that the man who does not fall in
with your particular method is therefore wrongs
Perhaps he is, but also he may well not be; and that
is why a little further on the Master says: " You
must study deeply the hidden laws of Nature."
This is in order that you may know what is right
and what is wrong, what is important and what is
unimportant. When you know that, then no com-
promise is possible for you ; the right you must do,
the wrong you must not do. But do not forget the
end of that sentence, " and when you know them
arrange your life according to them, using always