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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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EIGHTH TALK             l57

They have not failed. At any rate the result is there*
So with all other great reforms that They introduce,
with all other y^ork that They do, They always
succeed in the long run, even though not just at first.
Now you will have to do just precisely that—never to
be defeated, always to succeed—but to learn it you
will have to acquire the art of helping people along,
and not hammering them along. A great many good
people want to do that. They want to drive every-
one. It is not the way. Persuade them. You will
get, not the same, but far better results, with much
less friction and trouble. If you cannot get on with
certain people, see what is the defect in yourself that
prevents you from getting on with them. Do not
bother about their faults, no doubt they have plenty;

see what are the faults in yourself. You will probably
find something if you look closely enough. There is
always a reason for these things.
He says:

For you must be always gentle and kindly, reasonable
and accommodating, leaving to others the same full liberty
which you need for yourself.

Of course, you will remember, all through this book,
that it was spoken primarily to an Indian boy. I can
see, and I dare say some of you, who are well
acquainted with India, can also see special and
immediate applications for many of these commands,
many of these suggestions. You can see just how in
the ordinary everyday Indian life, with its intense