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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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conservatism, its hidebound superstition, a great many
of these factors would come into play. But they arc
applicable to us also, applicable in ^11 times and in all
cases. He says: ^Try to see what is worth doin^."
Do not waste your time on all the useless occupations
of the worldly man or woman. Worldly people fill
up their days with all sorts of things which, from our
point of view, are valueless; yet which to them arc of
enormous importance.  Some of these things arc
actually necessary physically ; they are connected with
earning their daily bread and so on. The tiling's
which to them are of the greatest importance are
usually connected with the earning of more money, or
with the obtaining of some position, to get a duke on
their visiting list, to be invited to such and such a
dinner or such and such a ball—those are the great
aims in the lives of thousands of people. It is futile.
None of these things matter in the least for us. \Ve
simply must not waste our time over all the thousand
and one petty things which fill up the time of worldly

Then He says:

Try to see what is worth doin^-: and remember llui
you must not judge hy the size of the thing. A .small tinni^
which is directly useful in the Master's'work is far heUiT
worth doing than a large thing which the world would c.ill

You can see how that may be; the larger tilings
are what our statesmen are doing to affect the whole