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EIGHTH TALK              l59'

country. Think of some of the things that statesmen
do. They may be very unimportant indeed. They
are legislating about things which are infinitely un-
important, yet those would appear very big things as
judged from the world's standpoint. Once more it is
the old .criterion which we must apply: (< Is this thing
for the Master's work ?" There are things which are
more useful, and there are things which are less use-
ful. That is the one test for us to apply. Is it useful
in the abstract ? Is it useful in the Master's work ?
Remember all good work is the Master's work. Never
forget that all good work, whether it is Theosophical
or not, is the Master's work, and that many people
are doing the Master's work who never heard of His
name and have no idea of the evolution towards
which their efforts are tending. But all the same we
know. Because we have had the privilege of hearing
a little more than most of those people, we can think
of what we know the Master most desires, and there-
fore for us that is the one criterion. Is the work
that we are doing such as He would approve, is it
such work as will be useful for Him in the endeavour
to promote evolution, and in the endeavour to help.
the world ? That is what we must put before us, and
if we can answer clearly and fully in the affirmative,
then surely we may push on with that work ; but
first we must make sure that it is His work, done for
His sake and in His name.