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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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hands for use. If we do nothing with it—nothing for
others, I mean—if we simply hug it to ourselves and
enjoy all that it has brought us in t^e way of freedom
from worry and trouble, comprehension of difficult
problems and so on, then we are exactly like the man
in the Bible who folded up his talent and buried it.
But if we do our best to spread this Theosophical
teaching and to help in every possible way^ then at
least we are putting out our talent at interest; and
remember that it is those who have the knowledge
who can give it. The splendidly intellectual man
cannot teach people Theosophy, because he does not
know it.  He can teach them about electricity,
astronomy and those things about which he does
know; Theosophy he cannot teach, if he has not
made a special study of it. It is for us therefore to
utilise this power which we have.  That is our
special work. You will remember that, in the earlier
part of this book, the Master divided the whole world
into <( The people who know and the people who do
not know ". By " the people who know " He did not
mean, I think, those who possess the Theosophical
knowledge, (though we may take it here in that
sense) but those who know that God has a plan
for men, and that plan is evolution, and therefore
range themselves on God's side. He safd that all
who did that were our brothers and our helpers, and
were one with us in the work that had to be done.
But those who know are always in a minority. The