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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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ignorance and the selfishness of men. If you attack
the ignorance and the selfishness by trying to put
knowledge before men, by trying to show them why
they must necessarily be unselfish, then you are doing
more from the most material point of view to bring
about the welfare and the happiness of people on the
physical plane, as well as on the higher planes, than
merely by the distribution of food, which is good and
necessary.  No one would say for a moment that it
should not be done. People must be fed or they will
die. You must meet the need of the moment, but it
is greater to attack the cause of all this, the cause of
the material evil, just as much as the cause of the
mental or emotional evil. If you can help people to
get away from the position, the attitude which causes
the evil, then you are working for the poor man and
the hungry man just as truly as if you went in person
and distributed the food, and furthermore you are
doing more, because you are attacking the whole
thing. You are doing what the physical plane helper
could not do.  Therefore. I say, do not misunder-
stand the position with regard to that. Wherever
there has been any wisdom, any knowledge at all,
those who know at all have been set free from the
other work in order to teach. You wilLremember
how there was some trouble in the early Christian
Church, you may read of it in the Acts of the
Apostles, about the distribution of their food supply,
and the Apostles were indignantly appealed to, to settle