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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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purpose of spreading the truth, is very emphatically
and directly the Master's work, even if it only consists
in the dusting of the place. All th^se things matter.
They must be done, some one must do them. All are
necessary, and so all are part of the Master's work.
The people who can do the higher work cannot be
spared from it because there are so few who can do
it. It is like setting a great philosopher to break
stones upon the road. Any strong man can break
stones, but there are very few philosophers. And so
it is with Theosophists. I regret to say, they are as
yet few in proportion to the population, and there is
an immensity of work for them to do—work of all
sorts. Quite assuredly they should do it. You know
that, in helping to spread Theosophy, you are striking
at the root of all the evils in the world, because all
come, as I have said, through ignorance and selfish-
ness. The one thing, of course, which a member of
the Theosophical Society must not do is to be idle, to
do nothing, to sit down and say,li Because I cannot
write, because I cannot yet speak, therefore there is
nothing I can do." Create work for yourself which
will help Theosophy. There are plenty of ways, if you
will try to find them out. The officers of the Section
exist for the purpose of finding work for all^who are
willing to work. It is a noble work to be working for the
Master in however humble a capacity. He says here :

If you know, it is your duty to help others to know.
However wise you may be already, on this Path you have