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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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NINTH TALK              l67

much to learn; so much that here also there must be
discrimination, and you must think carefully what is worth
learning. All knowledge is useful, and one day you will
have all knowledge; but while you have only part, take
care that it is the most useful part. God is Wisdom as well
as Love; and the more wisdom you have, the more you can
manifest of Him. Study then, but study first that which
will most help you to help others.

You see how He advises study, but He tells you to
choose so far as you can what will help you to help
others.  Now what will that be ? Education you
must have, you know, in order to help others tact-
fully, in order to enable you to present the truths
properly and wisely. I know very well that there
are many in the Society who find themselves, for
various reasons, uneducated, but who are yet very
earnest and devoted. Such people say, <( Why should
we bother about the details of education ? We
want to get at the reality of the thing, and present
the truths somehow." Yes, but remember that the
uneducated man is likely to present them in a
very unacceptable form, in a form that would at
once repel and estrange the educated and the
cultured man, and assuredly we want to reach such
people as these. We do not want it to be said
that our, presentation of Theosophy is such as to
make it unacceptable to these people. No, it is
distinctly and emphatically our duty to make our
presentation as nearly perfect as we can make it. I
know that people say that an intuitional man, who