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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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hears the thing badly put, will rise above the form to
the truth that lies behind; but you will remember
that most men are not intuitional, and that you
have no right, for the sake of any laziness of
your own, to put an additional obstacle in the way
of anyone who might otherwise be induced to take
an interest in the thing. I suppose you can hardly
realise how many people are reasonably near the
position where they might make rapid progress, if
only they could be awakened to it. I have myself,
I suppose, seen it most among the young, because my
work generally lies there- I see boys and girls by
the score almost, in any country, who would inake
good progress along Theosophica! lines, if the thing
could only be put before them. It is not, of course.
They plunge off into the ordinary work-a-day life,
and become very good people of tin; ordinary type,
and they will go on being good people of the ordinary
type for twenty or thirty incarnations, or more than
that, just because it has not been bn night their wav.
They are capable of taking it up, they could be
interested in it, if it were properly put before them.
Surely that state of affairs throws a serious responsibi-
lity upon Theosophists* It is our business to be
capable and ready to put these things forward on nil
possible occasions when we even think it possible that
they might do some good. There are plenty of
people who might just as well enter upon Thcosoph"
ical development now, as in twenty lives.   You