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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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NINTH TALK               l69

would say it is a question of. their karma. Surely
also it is a question of our karma whether we
give them the opportunity. If you do your best
to put the thing before a set of people, and after
all they cannot take it, then you have done
your part, but until you have done your besty
you do not know whether it is their karma to
be helped or not.  True, if it is their karma to
receive it, you will say, some one will come and
help them, but you are going to give the Hier-
archy the trouble of fetching somebody out of
another land or city. It is our business to fit our-
selves to do the work properly. We do not wish
that Theosophy should be spoken ill of because of
our personal defects or disabilities.   If you are
set to do work for the Society and do not do it
satisfactorily, then go to work and learn to do it
satisfactorily. If you are asked to read something
and cannot do it, learn how to do it properly^
If you cannot lecture,—presently, when you know
enough and take the trouble to prepare, you
will learn to do that. But, at any rate, be doing
something and try to do it well. It is our duty as
Theosophists to master the correct grammar and the
correct expression which will enable us to put these
things acceptably before the people that we wish to
reach. Any truth, however glorious, may be eclipsed,
if clumsily and wrongly put. It is our duty to do our
best in this matter. We must be educated if we are