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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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to present these truths properly, and as He says
here :

Work patiently at your studies, ^not that men may
think you wise, not even that you may have the happiness
of being wise,

because that is a great happiness,

but because only the wise man can be wisely helpful.
However much you may wish to help, if you are ignorant
you may do more harm than good.

You know that is so, because you know that history
has taught us that quantities of good people, with the
best intentions, have blundered in the most terrible
manner and have injured their cause, whatever it
might have been, far more than any outside attack
could injure it. We must learn to be as perfect as
we can in our presentation, so that we may not lower
Theosophical truths in the public estimation, a
very important point. Then He says:

You must distinguish between truth and falsehood ;

you must learn to be true all through, in thought and word
and deed.

That is the occult order always. Thought first.
You must be true in thought, or your w-ords and
deeds cannot be true. Always you will notice that
comes first in the Buddha's teaching; first right
thought, then right speech, then right action. Only
when you have the basis right can you build securely