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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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NINTH TALK              l7l

and safely upon it, and the basis is the thought.
He says:

In thought first; and that is not easy, for there are in
the world many untrue thoughts, many foolish superstitions,
and no one who is enslaved by them can make progress.

Well, you know, that is so. We have what is
called ti public opinion ". Now, on the whole and in
many ways, public opinion is quite often right, but on
the other hand there are clear instances in which it
is hopelessly and absurdly wrong. The average man
or woman never thinks of cases of that sort, but
simply accepts the popular idea. Now it will not do
for us to do that. It will not do for us to take our
thoughts and opinions at second hand. We must
think things out for ourselves. Only what you think
out and understand can really be said to be your own
at all. All sorts of superstitions there are about us,
you know. Everyone of your good, earnest, religious
people, pious and benevolent, leading a pure, good,
beautiful life, and doing much good work in the
world, yet has his superstitions, and often these super-
stitions hold him back. He thinks his own particular
ceremonies, or his own particular modes of thought
are of consequence, whereas in reality they do not
matter in. the least. They are of no importance
whatever. Even Theosophists have their supersti-
tions. We think in Theosophy that we are absolutely
free from these, I am not quite sure.   There is
a possibility, it seems to me, of a Theosophical