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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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Now in every case your religion (I am thinking of
the religion into which you were born) came to you
merely because other people beloved in it.  You
were born into a Presbyterian family and you accept-
ed the Presbyterian ideas, just because your father
happened to be a Presbyterian, and not in the least
because you had examined all the others and believed
that was the best. You were born a Catholic or a
Presbyterian, just as you were born an Australian, or
an Englishman, and you had no more to do with the
one than the other. That is difficult for us to bear
in mind. So people are born into religions as they
are born into countries. All such things as these
people accept, not because they have thought them
out, but because some one else holds the belief. It is
the same with a great number of popular ideas.
People say that such and such a thing is improper.
When you go out to dinner you must wear a certain
dress. Very well, it is the custom, and one does not
want to go against custom in a matter which is of no
importance. It is no good making oneself conspicu-
ous. But you must clearly understand that it is not
a case of right and wrong. It is merely a question of
popular ideas. In the case of all things you should
know how much they are worth, how far, they are
important* Too often people let their superstitions
shut the door against the reception of the real
truth. I was talking only a few days ago to a lady
who seemed very much interested in Theosophy $