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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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NINTH TALK               l75

but the great difficulty was that she could not
make it square with the New Testament, and of
course the New Testament overrode everything in
her eyes.   That is an instance of superstition.
The New Testament is a wonderful Scripture, no
one who has read it would deny that. But to set
it up, or to set up any book, as a final court
of appeal against your reason or your common
sense, is superstition.  You must be prepared to
take everything on its own merits, for what it
is worth, whether it is in the New Testament or
The Secret Doctrine. Take the thing on its own
merits, examine it for yourself, and then perhaps you
may claim to know something about it. That is what
is said here:

Therefore you must not hold a thought just because
many other people hold it, nor because it has been believed
for centuries, nor because it is written in some book which
men think sacred ; you must think of the matter for your-
self, and judge for yourself whether it is reasonable.

Now those are the words of our Master Root
Hoomi. They were also 2,5oo years ago the words
of the Lord Gautama Buddha. When men came to
Him asking Him : (< There are so many Teachers and
so many doctrines put before us, and they all seem
good. H6w are we to know which is the best, how
can we decide between them ? ?? Remember the
memorable answer which the Lord Buddha gave:

<( Do not believe anything because it is written