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NINTH TALK              l77

you can see that from the fact that you are not
expected to be free from it until after the First Initia"
tion.  It is the third of the fetters which a man
must cast off on the path of Probation. When he
has taken that step which makes him a member
of the Mighty Brotherhood which makes him safe
for ever, then, before he can take the second step,
he must cast off three fetters: (i) The delusion
of self, (2) Doubt as to certain great central truths,
(3) Superstition. The Pali is t{ Silabbataparamasa,"
belief in the efficacy of rites or ceremonies of any
kind. So you see a man might w^ll be quite far on
and yet be fettered by this deep and subtle supersti-
tion. No, it is a far-reaching thing ; for a man who
is otherwise qualified to take the First Initiation may
obviously have something of it still clinging to him,
Since the final getting rid of it is set for a later stage,,
it is clear that he might even take the First Initiation
with some fragment of it still about. Verily it is a
thing of which we have to be careful. That is
evident. He says:

He who would walk upon the Path must learn to
think for himself, for superstition is one of the greatest
evils in the world, one of the fetters from which you must
utterly free yourself.

He has been making a very great point of this
truth in thought, and here on the twenty-second page
He takes up another branch of that:

Your thought about others must be true ; you must
not think of them what you do not know.