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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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That is so. If you think of other people what you
only suppose about them, your thought is untrue.
You are departing from perfect t^uth. Now, you
know that most people do that all day long. They
are constantly babbling about the doings of other
people, and most of it is the merest speculation We
really know remarkably little about those who are
very near to us, still less about casual acquaintances,
and yet you know how much profitless talk there is
constantly about the sayings and doings, and about
supposed thoughts, even, of those acquaintances.
Half the time the whole thing is hopelessly untrue.
You are attributing to those other people some-
thing of which perhaps they have never thought.
Then again a very interesting line is taken here:

<( Do not suppose that they are always thinking of
you." It must have come in your way to see how
perpetually that mistake is made.  Now whatever
some other person says or does is taken as referring
to ourselves. Because we are always thinking of
ourselves, we imagine that other people must be
always thinking of us also. But if you are always
thinking of yourself, you had better assume that
other people are always thinking of themselves too,
not that they are thinking about you. They make
themselves the centre of their own circle, fhe centre
round which all their thoughts and ideas and emotions
revolve. They think of everything as it affects them-
selves. They are running round themselves in a circle