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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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laughing at him. Perhaps they were. People take
things to themselves that the speaker had not the
remotest conception of. st Most probably he never
thought of you at all," as it is said here. Not only
that, but suppose a man speaks angrily to you, he
may not be angry with you at all, he may simply be
overstrained, so that all his nerves are on edge. It
is a common thing in these days.  Half of the
quarrels and the troubles arise from that. Do not
misjudge a man. Probably some one else has annoy-
ed him. He has his own troubles and sufferings, and
they are probably hard enough to bear. He is not
angry with you at all. You happen to be the first
person that comes his way and you discharge his
battery, so to speak. Therefore, first of all, do not
misjudge the angry man, and secondly do not get
angry yourself, because, if you do, the two things
exacerbate one another, and the situation will get
worse. " A soft answer turneth away wrath,"
according to Solomon, who may perhaps have been
wise upon some points. Remember always that it is
not necessarily anger against you that stirs up the
man, but you happen to come that way at thai-
moment. Take it calmly and philosophically and, if
you are not perfectly sure, give him the benefit of
the doubt. In most cases that will be right. There
may be a few cases, when a man is really objection-
able, but he is the person to be pitied, and not you,
because karma is just, and though the mills grind