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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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February 16, 1915.

WE were considering the instructions given on
pages 22 and 23, that our thoughts about others must
be true—that we must not think of them what we do
not know, and so on.

You see, in this crowded life in which we are all liv-
ing it is inevitable that there should be a certain amount
of friction. But this need not be taken seriously, or
regarded as of great importance. You know, as you
walk among the crowded streets of this great city,
hundreds, thousands of people, each thinking of his
own business, are pushing ahead and not thinking of
others. Inevitably it happens that people jostle you.
You, perhaps, do the same to others, pushing to get
on board of boats or to get into trams. It does not
occur to you to take that kind of thing seriously, to
think that it is meant to insult you. To do so would
be ridiculous. It is the inevitable result of a great
crowd of people, more or less preoccupied. Theo-
retically it ought not to happen, but practically it
happens a dozen times a day, and none of us takes
the least notice of it. Do you not see that the same
thing is bound to happen mentally and emotionally ?
Where there are great crowds, there is inevitably a