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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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TENTH TALK              l83

certain amount of mental and emotional jostling-
We ought to take that in exactly the same spirit,
realising that the man who happens to tread on our
mental corns, so to speak, did not mean to do so in the
very least, that he was following his own line of
business and not thinking of us. We ought to under-
stand that a certain amount of friction is inseparable
from these dense crowds and all the hurry and rush
of these modern days. It is not an ideal condition,
but there it is. We have been born into it; it is our
karma. Without sacrificing very much more than
ourselves, we could not get away from it. We are
in a position where we are practically tied down by
karmic obligations, and we have to remain. There-
fore we must make up our minds, to put up with
these not very pleasant conditions, and not take all
such little frictions as serious things, any more than
we take the daily jostling in the streets as a serious
thing.   In many cases a little ordinary common-
sense, a little give and take, would avoid much trouble
and worry. We must try, on our side, to think of
others and to be more courteous, kindly and careful
than most people are, but we must not expect all
outsiders to be thinking of getting out of our way,
because they are not thinking of us at all.

Then passing away from that subject, we come to
this sentence:

When you become a pupil of the Master, you may
always try the truth of your thought by laying it beside His.