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TENTH TALK             l85

manifestation of what I really am up above; and then
my troubles will become less.") In the same sort of
way the pupil represents the Master, is the Master in
a very real sense, but the Master under limitations,
under tremendous limitations—not only the limitations
of the lower planes, but also the limitations of the
personality of the pupil, which is by no means tran-
scended. If his individuality had perfectly gained
control of its lower vehicles so that they were nothing
but reflections of the higher, then he would be able to
express the Master very much more perfectly than he
does now; but even then there would be limitations of
himself—of the <( size " of him, so to speak, because
he is a smaller person than the Master whom he
follows. Men always fall short of even what the
expression of the Master might be here on the physical
plane, of what it would be in the Master's own physi-
cal body for example. Nevertheless, it remains true
that the pupil is definitely a part of the Master, so
that, whatever thoughts and feelings the pupil has,
these are in the Master's mental and astral bodies
also. That you see is the reason of the period of
probation through which all pupils have to pass, a
period during which, as you have often read no doubt,
the living image of the probationary pupil is con-
stantly before the eyes of the Master. Before He
puts Himself in such a position as that with anyone
down here on these lower planes, He wants to know
exactly what are the thoughts and feelings of that