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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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karma has given her, because she is the best person
for it. It is her business to hold it, and not mine.
That, you see, iž always our attitude in the occult
world. We never criticise; we take it for granted
that every man who is working for the Hierarchy is
doing his utmost, is doing his very best ; and if he
is doing his best, then to his own Master he stands
or falls, not to us. If we see failure of some sort or
other, as we do perhaps under certain circumstances,
it may be possible, in the most delicate way, to make
a little suggestion : it Perhaps if so and so were done,.
do not you think things might be a little better? "
The way in which worldly people recklessly criticise
others, of whose troubles and difficulties they know
nothing whatever, is entirely foreign to us and to our
whole line of life and thought. We simply do not
go along that way at all. We should consider it


It is wrong for us at any rate, whether it be so for

the outer world or not. You would do -well to follow
the custom of pupils in this matter. Do not plunge
into criticism of people who are doing their work.
They are doing the best they can from their point
of view. You may, quite possibly, have a much
higher point of view, but at any rate they can work
only according to their own light, not according
to yours; therefore let them do their best.  You
appoint an official to do something, in the Society.
Let him do it; give him his chance. If you do not