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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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like the way he does it, appoint some one else when
the time comes; in the meantime do not hamper the
man. Give him a chance to show what he is made
of and to try the ideas which are in his mind. It is
a bad thing to be always interfering ; it is a very much
worse thing to be always in a critical frame of mind,
always to be looking out for holes, always trying to
find weak spots. That is not our way in occultism.
I know how entirely different this is from the custom
of the present day, how absolutely opposite it is to
the way of the world. I cannot help it; we are
trying to live a different life. People say: " I cannot
help criticising. That is in my nature." It may be
your nature, but it is a very bad nature. You had
better try to transcend it. Remember that, when
you say a thing is natural, is human, you mean that
it is what the average man of the world would do.
No doubt, but surely you are trying to be a little
more than the average man, or why should you be
here ? You are taking your character in hand ; you
are practising meditation day by day, and year by
year. If at the end of all that time, you are to come
out at the level of the average man, you have been
wasting your time. You might have employed it to
better advantage in some other way. As a matter of
fact, you are seeking to raise yourself above the aver-
age, in order that you may be able to help that aver-
age ; for you cannot help it if you are on the same level,
or below. You are trying to beŚwe will not say