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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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TENTH TALK              l9l

supernatural, because that is not a very good word to
use—you are trying to be something above the level of
the ordinary average human nature. It should be a
more God-like nature that you are seeking to show
forth. So to say that a thing is human nature, that it
is natural, is no excuse. You ought to be a bit better
than that. To say that you cannot help it, if you are
in the habit of criticising, if you are in the habit of
attributing motives to other people, is simply feeble.
If you say that, you are not in earnest. You do not
really mean to conquer the thing. If you say you
cannot help it, you are saying an untrue thing. You
can help it. The thing to say is, " I can and I will ".
It is not manly to sit down and say you cannot help
it. Such an attitude belongs to the lower nature alto-
gether. You are pandering to the lower self; you are
putting your lower self in the place of the real.
Sometimes one would like to say to people, " Do get
out of the way of your Higher Self and give him a
chance to do what he can; because it is the lower
personality that you are letting stand in the way of
what the higher would and could do quite easily."
No one should ever say,<c I cannot ". If you take that
line, and say you cannot, then you have already pre-
judged the case. You have foredoomed yourself to
failure. Y^ou have set up a thought-form ; and that
thought-form will overpower your lower self. Set up
the thought-form, ce I can do this thing and I will
do it", and it is already half done. There is a