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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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tremendous difference between these two attitudes;
between that of the person who sits down and
despairs and that of the person whp gets up and does
something. It has been said that the world has been
divided into two parts: the people who go and do
something and the other people who sit down and say,
" Why was it not done in some other way ? " We
who are Theosophists ought to be amongst the people
who get up and do things. We ought not to mind in
the least what the people think who say, (< Why was
it not done in some other way ? " but never move a
hand to do it themselves. That should not be our
attitude. As we do not criticise our fellows, we should
never dream of imagining that our thought may be
right when it differs from the Master's. We should
at once say, " He knows." We do not argue about
that. Then He says :

Those who are not yet accepted by Him cannot do
quite this ; but they may greatly help themselves by stopping
often to think: " What would the Master think about this ?
What would the Master say or do under these circum-
stances ? " For you must never do or say or think what you
cannot imagine the Master as doing or saying or thinking.

If there were nothing else written in this book, that
sentence alone would be worth all that has been said
about the book. If you could keep that always in
your mind, if you could never think or say or do any-
thing that the Master would not think or say or do, there
would not be much need of correction in your life.
You might make some error perhaps, as to what you