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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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TENTH TALK              l93

thought He might think or say or do, but on the
whole it would be a wonderfully pure life, wonderfully
near to Him. But to think that always before you
do or say or feel anything may perhaps seem, to a
certain extent, a tie. I dare say many people might
complain: " If I had to stop and think that, I would
never say anything." Well, you know, the world
would probably not be greatly the poorer if you did
not. That is a thing that people often forget. Most
of what is said in the world is not particularly useful
permanently, if you come to think of it. A very great
deal of it might be left unsaid and no harm done to
any one. It is very true that, if you really seriously
set yourself to think, each time before you speak,
is> Would the Master say what I am going to say ? "
you will say a very great deal less. It may be a very
slow business at first. You have to think constantly
and debate the point within yourself, and it will end
mostly by your not saying what you intended to say.
So much the better. Presently that becomes a habit,
that reference of everything to the thought of the
Master, and instead of requiring definite effort or
attention it comes like a flash. You know, thought
is exceedingly rapid. Thought moves probably with
the rapidity of light. That perhaps sounds odd to
you, but please remember that thought is a vibration
just as definitely as light is, and that we have tested
the speed of thought as well as we can. It is a very
difficult thing to do. You think of England. So far