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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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as your thought is concerned you are in England,
i2,5oo miles away ; so would a flash of light be. It
is probable that many of these vibrations travel at
the same rate; whether thought is actually faster
than light we do not actually know. I am inclined to
think myself that it is, but I do not bother you with
that at all, because, after all, it is only an opinion, I
have not any very definite basis on which to found it;

because you can think of a thing at a distance with-
out your thought actually reaching it. Those are
questions of occult physics amidst which we are
stumbling as yet. We are trying all the time to learn
new facts about occult science of various kinds. We
are making experiments blunderingly, much as the old
alchemists used to make experiments, and out of their
blundering experiments emerged the beginning of
Chemistry. Just in the same way, I myself believe that
out of these stumbling experiments, which are now
being made by a few people, will arise, as the years
roll on, Occult Science generally, which will be of
stupendous importance to the world; but at present
we are only at the beginning of it. We can tell you
only very little about it, and much of what we can
advance about these things is put forward very
hesitatingly, because we know that we are only at the
beginning. Yet such a Science exists; and you
might just as well discuss the probable rate of vibra-
tions of thought as of light or Rontgen rays, or any of
these cases. Thought moves with exceeding rapidity,