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TENTH TALK              l95

though this is true chiefly of pure thought, unmixed
with anything else. Mostly our thoughts do not move
so fast as all that. We have not practised using
them apart from speech and action to any great
extent.  This, incidentally, is one of the values
of your meditation, that it teaches you to use
thought apart from these other things. When
you get somebody who can use thought apart from
speech and action you get wonderful results. Take
our President: she wrote " Thought Power, its
Control and Culture ". She has made a study of this
thing ; she knows something about it. I have heard
her say that, when she is giving a lecture in public
(she never hesitates for words, she is wonderfully
fluent and .eloquent) while she is speaking one
sentence to the people, the next sentence she is going
to speak comes before her thought in two or three
different forms, and she deliberately selects that one
which she thinks will be most effective while she is
speaking the previous sentence. We cannot do that,
at least I cannot, and I take it you cannot either. It
is a matter of using your thought apart altogether
from action, using it with a rapidity which you could
hardly calculate.  That shows you what may be
done. It is quite worth your while to try to practise
using your thought as thought. Of course, in such a
thing as this which is advised here, you will find that
excellent practice.   Thinking before you speak,
before you act, would be difficult at first; it would be