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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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very slow, and there would be a noticeable hesitation ;

and probably you would say very little. But with a
little practice you would find thafthe answer would
come like a flash. That is not only a very great gain,
because of the test you had applied to it beforehand,
but it is useful in training your thought to act with
lightning-like rapidity.

The Master goes on with very much, in fact, of
what I have already said :

You must be true in speech too—accurate and without
exaggeration. Never attribute motives to another.

That is a very important thing. I should say that
more than half of the trouble and ill-feeling in the
world would be saved if we could only follow that.
You hear that a person has said or done something;

you immediately supply him with a motive, and this is
generally an evil motive. Then you proceed to blame
that unfortunate man for what you have thought;

his motive may be absolutely different, but you
credit him with one and then blame him.

Only his Master knows bis thoughts, and he may be
acting- from reasons which have never entered your mind.

It is wonderful how often that is so. Every man
is an enigma to those who are nearest and dearest to
him, you know; but sometimes you can get all his
reason—long afterwards, usually.  It is in most
cases a revelation, something that you never would
have dreamt of. I have seen that many times myself*