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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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TENTH TALK              l97

more perhaps in India than anywhere else, because
the Indian mind differs greatly from ours in many
ways. It is infinitely more subtle; and not only that
—it is based on history and a set of traditions
absolutely foreign to our ideas and our ways of
thought, so that, while here among yourselves it is
never safe to supply a motive for what another says
or does, it is even less safe in a country like that,
where you are dealing with another civilisation
altogether. Most actions of our Hindu brothers are
prompted by ideas that could never have occurred to
an Englishman. So hopeless misunderstandings arise
because you supply motives. Do not do it. It is not
your business to decide why a certain thing was done ;

so do not bother about it. Leave the man alone.
To his own faster he stands or falls, not to you.

To say you cannot change your nature is futile.
We are here to change our natures. Assuredly it is
of no use sitting down and crying to the Master for
help, if you will not help yourself. If you will not
put your own shoulder to the wheel, what is the use
of asking God to help you ? In exactly the same way,
here, the man who will not make the determined
effort to help himself will gain nothing.

Of course people often fail in their efforts. That
is very natural. Do you not see that, while you are
continually trying, you are gathering force, and that
the force which you are gathering will presently make
you not fail but succeed ? Do not think that, when a