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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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failure comes, everything is over. Not in the least.
The force which you have gained is not enough to
conquer, but it is a substantial something. Go on
adding more to it, and the time will come when
success will crown your efforts. The worldly man
would say probably, <( God gave me this nature and
what can I do ? It is too difficult." Of course it is
difficult to uproot yourself and change fundamental
things in you. It is our business to do the things
which are a little too difficult for the outer world.
You cannot expect the worldly man to take himself
in hand. First of all, he does not see why he should,
and he does not think'that he can with success. We
see why we should, and we know that we can.
Consequently we take ourselves in hand and we work
at it. Here in this book we have definite instructions
from the Master. He would not tell you to do any-
thing that is not possible. So if you find it definitely
ordered, go and do it—that is, if you want to make
progress. He goes on:

If you hear a story against any one, do not repeat it;

it may not be true and even if it is, it is kinder to say

He speaks much more about that later on in the
book when He comes to deal with the sin of gossip.
Here is quite a definite instruction from Him. Surely
you can obey that. f< If you hear a story do not
repeat it." It is quite difficult to control your
thought—of course it is, but it is quite easy to hold