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TENTH TALK              199

your tongue. You know it is quite easy not to tell
that story. It is impossible to say that you cannot
do that. You can do it. There is a definite order
for you. If you*wish to reach the feet of the Master
you had better obey the hints that He gives you.
I know very well that some of these stories do not
amount to much ; only, remember that He is talking
about truth in speech. If you tell that story and it is
untrue, you are telling a lie. Now, you may say that
it is hard, for you do not mean any harm. But
think a moment. Are you telling the truth ? If you
are not telling the truth, you are telling an untruth.
You must face facts. You may say that you did not
mean to. That is a very feeble excuse. You cannot
possibly sift the truth of everything that you hear.
The only ^afe way is not to repeat. You must face
the facts; mere conventional ideas are of no use.

Why should you wish to harm a person ? Why
should you wish to give an unpleasant impres-
sion of that person to some one else ? Even if
you know it is true it is kinder to say nothing.
ct Think well before speaking, lest you should
fall into inaccuracy."   People talk in a wildly
exaggerated way about things.   If a thing is a
hundred yards off, they say it is 6S miles off". If
you get 'a day that is hotter than others, they say it
is boiling hot. They think that this kind of thing
does not matter. The Christ is reported to have
said, (< Every idle word that men shall speak, they