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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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shall give account thereof in the day of judgment."
That statement is entirely right. We have no right
to speak inaccurately. People in the outer world do
it and do not mean any harm. I^et them do what
they choose; we, at least, should aim at a certain
amount of accuracy. After all it is very poor lan-
guage which cannot express itself without ridiculous
superfluities. Our command of English is very bad
if we are not able to find words to express different
gradations without plunging into these wild meaning-
less superlatives. It is a lack of education as well as
a lack of accuracy, and I do not think we ought to be
careless about this matter.

There are a great many little things like that in
daily life, about which most people do not think.

We ought to think about them.

Be true in action; never pretend to be other than you
are, for all pretence is a hindrance to the pure light of truth,
which should shine through you as sunlight shines through
clear glass.

Now it is quite true that we should never pretend.
There is a falsity about any kind of pretension. Bat
take care that, in your effort to avoid pretence, you
do not run into the opposite extreme. Sometimes
people say, <( I want to show myself just as I am
naturally," and then they proceed to showAe worst
and coarsest and most vulgar part of themselves.
They are not showing themselves as they are
naturally; they are showing a very low and degraded