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TENTH TALK         .   201

copy of what they should be. That in you which is
highest and noblest and best is nearest to the real
self. Remember that always, and if you want to be
natural then you should be at your best. Be natural
—yes, but see to it that what is natural to you is the
best you can get; make that natural to you. Remem-
ber that it is of no small consequence how you make
yourself appear in the eyes of others. Most distinctly
you should not make pretence. Yet bear in mind
that every member of the Theosophical Society
represents the Theosophical Society to a certain
circle of people who know him to be a member—and
still more, that those who are more closely following
the Master represent the Masters and Their service.
Remember that you have the honour of the Society
and of the "Masters in your hands, and then you will
realise that, though there should be no pretence, there
yet should be great care as to how you carry your-
selves, how you behave yourselves, what you do and
what you say. Do not make naturalness the excuse
for giving way to the 6t natural " man—for being
below what your best nature would dictate. On the
contrary, see that what is natural to you is the
highest that you know.

The Occultist is never sanctimonious; you may
very largdy know him by that. If you find a person
pretending to be an Occultist, giving himself out as
such, and at the same time talking very largely about
his own tolerance—to put it vulgarly, blowing his own