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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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trumpet—putting on great pretence, wearing always
a long face like the Pharisee of old, you may be sure
that he is not a genuine Occultist. The genuine
Occultist is above all things natural; yet he tries to
get his nature a little higher than the average, and in
that sense is not unnatural but "super-natural," in
the plain and simple sense of " above the natural or
ordinary ". You know that it is said that people may
quite easily fail to recognise a Master, because they
have themselves made in their minds an ideal of what
a Master must be, and the real living Master may not
be like that at all. He does not adapt Himself to
your prejudices and your ideas. He is that which He
is on His own plane; and if you are hidebound by
your own prejudices, even in regard to what a Master
must be, your eyes will almost certainly be closed.
We have had, I suppose, no more remarkable instance
of that than Madame BIavatsky herself—H.P.B. as
she loved to be called. She was certainly not the
ideal that the world commonly forms of a great
spiritual teacher—very far from it; and thus numbers
of ordinary people, who were blinded by their own
prejudices, lost the spiritual teaching which she alone
could give them. Because she was so different from
their ideals, they said, (< This cannot be a person who
has anything of value for us," and so tTley simply
sheered off and left her alone. Thereby they lost the
chance of the greatest revelation that has come to the
world for many years. So remember that you must