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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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February 25, 7975.

WE had just spoken, you remember, of the necessity
of truth, both in speech and in action, of the natural-

-ness of the Occultist, who never pretends to be other
than he is, and you may remember, our last thought
was that we should not make for ourselves too definite
ideas of what the Great World Teacher will be like,
or how He will act; otherwise, perhaps, prejudices of

Ľour own may prevent us from recognising Him when
He comes. We should be ready to take Him exactly
as He is.'

The next sentence is :

You must discriminate between the selfish and the
unselfish. For selfishness has many forms, and when you
think you have finally killed it in one of them, it arises in
another as strongly as ever. But by degrees you will become
so full of thought for the helping of others that there will
be no room, no time, for any thought about yourself.

You know that is the only direct and perfect way
of getting rid of selfishness. We all know that we
ought to fight against it, but it is Hydra-headed. It
appears in so many forms and our fight with it is like
the fight of Hercules with the Hydra ; when you lop