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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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as it were, in this way, you do not rouse this opposi-
tion, but you get the same result. Instead, therefore,
of fighting against selfishness, develop unselfishness
as a necessary consequence of the love in your heart
for your fellow men. Desire always to be thinking
of others, of helping and working for them; and
then you will cut away the very roots of selfishness
at once without the struggle. That is an artifice
'which is quite permissible to employ.

It seems to me to be the same all the way through.
People take offence at things, they worry themselves
about things, and they think of them over and over
and over again; and the more they think of them
the harder it becomes to throw off the obsession.
People say, " I am badly treated by so and so, he
does not care, he does not treat me as he should,"
and the more they think of that, the bigger the
thought-form grows, and the more difficult it is to
get rid of it. But if you simply drop the thing and
go ahead and do some work for some one else, the
thought-form is not intensified; it dies a natural
death, drops away and is forgotten.  In this con-
nection you should remember what the Lord
Buddha said.  You may remember that, in His
.Noble Eightfold Path, the last step but. one was
" Right Remembrance, Right Memory ". He said to
His people: (< You must be very careful what you
allow yourselves, to remember. If you say that you
cannot help remembering everything, then you have