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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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ELEVENTH TALK            2o7

no control over your memory, over the mind which
is a part of yourself. It is as though you went along
the street gathering up all the rubbish that came
your way; you are sweeping into your memory all
kinds of useless and undesirable things. You should
remember the right things and be particularly careful
to forget the others. Then He tells them, amongst
other things, elaborately and carefully, to forget all
unkind words which may have been spoken to them,
all fancied slights and injuries. These then are
among the things which you should permanently and
absolutely forget, whereas amongst the things you
should remember are all the kind words that have
ever been spoken to you, all the kindly deeds, all the
good qualities you have seen in your neighbours. It
is Right Memory to remember all these, but it is
distinctly not right memory to remember a quantity
of things which are useless. The Lord Buddha was
the wisest of men, and many of these suggestions of
His are eminently practical at the present day, just
as they were 2,5oo years ago, and so right memory is
something you ought to exercise here. So long as
you are saying something like what I said, so long as
you are worrying about that, all the time you are
thinking of self. You are not thinking of that other
person ; you are thinking of yourself, and his attitude
towards you. That is precisely what you must not
do if you seek for progress, for peace. If you are
in earnest and mean business, you do not do these