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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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things. It is the custom to brood over injuries and
to make the most of them, but it is a very foolish
thing to do ; and furthermore, for us who profess to
be Occultists, it is more foolish by far than it is for
the ordinary man because we really do know better,
if we stop to think about it. So, instead of thinking
about yourself, go and do something for some one
else at once, and in the interest of that, in the
necessary focusing of your attention upon that, you
will forget all about the alleged slights and so on.
The mind cannot be filled with two things at once.
If you cast out self and fill it with the thought of
something that you are trying to do for other people,
then the memory of the slights and injuries cannot
possibly be there. Cast out self and fill- it with love,
that is the only way. Try to love all with whom you
come into contact. I do not say all alike—that is not
expected of you. The Lord Buddha Himself had
His favourite disciple, Ananda, whom He loved more
than the others, and Christ Himself had His beloved
disciple, S. John. You are not expected to love
people all alike, but you are expected to hold the
attitude of love and not of hate. That you are
expected to do.   You should hold that attitude,
without asking any return for it; because the moment
you ask for any return, the moment you set up a
claim, you are introducing the factor of desire
again, and once more thinking of yourself and
not of others.  Forget yourself and think of